Saturday, May 24, 2014

Best ways to grow facial hair fast

Delay in the growth of facial hair is a problem for many .
In this topic is i will show you how to quickly grow the hair of face .So follow these steps:
shave your face everyday ,pass the rasor reverse the growth of hair follicle ,then use a moisturizing cream to protect your skin from any sensivity .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Top tips to grow facial hair faster

Increase the hair growth faster by :

_ Visit ur doctor to make sure there is no hormonal problems
_ Propagation of eating fruits; vegetables;  fish ;and nuts
_ Facial massgae by oils or cream to help the appearance of hair
_ Avoid eating sweets and fast food
_ The use of natural herbs and oils to help to intensify the hair

effective tips to grow facial hair faster

Grow your facial hair faster now :

* Increase the amount of protein in your diet 
* Peeling skin every week to remove dead skin cells to stimulate hair growth 
* Moisturize the skin because the skin moist is a good envirronment to grow hair faster
* Dot not sleep on your face : sleep on certain place leads to prevent the growth of hair leaving voids troublesome

5 Tips to grow facial hair faster

These tips will help you to grow ur facial hair faster so lets start :

_ Sleep well :good sleep helps to enhance the dead cells

_ Take vitamins needed : vitamin A,vitamin B ;vitamin C ; vitamin E
_ Wash ur face by warm and disinfectant water every day
_ Avoid smoking : smoking leads to hair loss
_ Practicing yoga and relaxation helps the growth of hair faster

Best tips to grow facial hair faster

Tips to grow facial hair
To increase ur facial hair you have to : 
_Remove dead skin weekly 
_Use some creams to active hair follicles
_Use some effective oils
_Follow a balanced food system